Management Company

Investments in real estate and tourism are certainly profitable and promising.
Dilijan Residence Service is a service and management company that will take over all the logistics for the delivery and maintenance of your property. There is no need to resolve the issue with contractors, utility bills and commission payments. We want your business to be enjoyable.

Sign an agreement with Dilijan Residence Service and receive dividends from a successful investment!
Accepts payments from all channels of sale of your apartments and cottages,
Accommodates guests according to the proportional loading scheme of the complex,
Monitors cleaning,
Carries out financial management.
Income program

We offer a business model, which consists of renting apartments and townhouses with a payback period of 8 years and more.You will receive profit and enjoy the increase in the value of your property, and we will take care of your investments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The buyer of real estate gets 100% ownership of his property.
When leasing a property to a management company, the contract clearly spells out the conditions, capabilities and obligations of the parties, which makes cooperation clear, easy and